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Access to care

Is just the beginning.

We encourage you to continuously interact with the platform and personalize your experience. This creates tens of millions of unique data points that help you find the best care possible. 


By creating this ecosystem, we aim to lower costs at the patient and provider levels to accelerate cutting-edge medical research.


What can Labrynth do for you?

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Your health information, NOW


Consolidate all of your medical records into a single, secure,  convenient place: your smartphone. 

With Labrynth Medical Records, you see what your physicians and providers see. Everything.

A community like no other


Join our collective, and review the care you receive.

See how others just like you feel about the treatments they receive and the doctors they interact with while remaining entirely anonymous.


Sharing your story may just be the missing link to the next big breakthrough in health! 

Research and Clinical Trial Access


Opt in and get matched in seconds to clinical trials and services that aim to eradicate disease and promote longevity, leading to a healthier, happier world. 

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Be empowered

Labrynth provides the tools you need to take control of your healthcare.


Once you got the ball rolling, you'll be meeting your health goals, letting your voice be heard in the community and you'll even be able to see the impact your contributions have on the platform at large!


Labrynth gives you unrivaled access 

to a greater health network

Whether you want to communicate with your current provider or find auxiliary support, we've got you covered.

Patients opt in to share their information with providers and/or researchers.


By providing this functionality, you have revolutionary security and control over your information. Utilizing our predictive matching system, you receive recommendations and communications informing you of clinical trials available.


Labrynth is best experienced through the app

Coming soon for both Apple and Android devices

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